Hazet Vintage Tool Trolley

Hazet Vintage Tool Trolley


Product Description

Vintage Hazet ‘Assistant’ Toolbox trolley reclaimed from a French Renault garage.  Probably 60/70s.  This trolley is a classic and still in production today. https://www.hazet.de/en/products/general-workshop-equipment/tool-trolley/2046/tool-trolley-i

Hazet (a German company) is one of the world’s leading tool manufacturers for the auto industry.

Light restoration carried out: including anti-rust and wax of the paintwork, clean out and re-grease of the wheel bearings.  Vertical tray movement has been oiled and is in good working order.  Decals of logo worn away but new ones can be found online.

Dimensions: H96 W68 D 35 cms