About Us

Vintage France Design is a British and French team of antiques and design enthusiasts who hunt for, import and restore French furniture, bathroom fittings, garden objects and decorative items.

Vintage France Design is run and managed by Milena and Marcus Frisby from their HQ near the Channel Tunnel with help from their France-based team of hunters. Milena’s passion for antiques came from her French and American parents who were pioneers in French architectural reclamation in the 1970s. Marcus is British, but had French grandparents who were in the wine business in Burgundy and spends a lot of time of time in France. His love of antiques and design started as a teenager spending the holidays in France unearthing unusual objects from his grandmother's house, such as a left behind WWII Mauser pistol, and the purchase of his first Eames chair in the 1990s.

From a design perspective we believe in mixing the old and the new. Our house style could be described as authentic, rustic, homely, quirky, distinctive and unique. We look for items that have stood the test of time thanks to the high quality materials and craftsmanship used from a bygone era. We are the antithesis of mass produced, disposable, 'fast' furniture, instead sourcing pieces that have an authentic, worn and distressed look. Our searches take us to interesting private houses, French trade dealers, flea markets and brocantes in far-flung corners of France where we find items to sell for sensible prices via our website and 3rd party online market places.

With ever greater need to reduce carbon emissions, we also believe interior design and the items sourced have an important role to play. If a more authentic second hand piece can be locally sourced, restored and reused, rather than have a new reproduction item newly made then shipped from far away, it's got to be better for the planet.

The images on our homepage were taken by world-renowned Dutch photographer Daan Oude Elferink. Daan searches out abandoned, historic castles, villas, monuments, hospitals and industrial facilities across Europe, to take us into a world of beauty in age and decay. We share his passion for beauty in age in the pieces we find.

We are an e-commerce company and do not have a physical shop but if you wish to view an item before purchase please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit at our warehouse in Kent.

Payments can be made via bank transfer, credit/debit card or Paypal.

All items can be delivered across the UK and internationally.